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Whichever type of stair you plan to have – contact Bulfin Stairs at the initial design stage for assessment of your project.

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Versatile and adaptable to any staircase layout.


Banisters following the exact pitch of the stairs.


Stairs that look beautiful for generations.

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Metal Stairs and Railings

Metal Stairs have their own innate beauty and are versatile and adaptable to any staircase layout.
Each design is unique and tailored to your specific stairs needs. The options for bannisters are infinite.
The structure is made from heavy gauge metal which is permanently welded together giving a solidity that ensures quality and durability. (On the other hand, the joints on many, if not most, kit stairs are merely bolted together, and will work loose in time)
All Bulfin Staircases are handmade and hand-finished resulting in an artisan hand-crafted product. A metal staircase lends itself to an “open tread” design (as you can see from the picture on the right). This has big advantages visually as light shines through the riser reducing the risk of dark corners and giving a lovely open spacious feel to your hall or living space.

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Curved Stairs

Bulfin Curved stairs are superbly crafted and catch the eye instantly. The elegance and grace of curved stairs has increased their popularity. Metal banisters for curved stairs has become a speciality for us here at Bulfin Stairs. We have developed a way of forming metal, wrought iron and other materials to the exact curves of individual stairs.
This process involves ‘hot work’ (heating the metal until it glows red) to make the metal workable.

The advantage of ‘hot work’ is that the banister follows the exact pitch of the stairs. This is done on site. The curved railings and templates are then brought back to our workshop where the intricate and artistic work is carried out.

Another reason for returning to the workshop is to take full advantage of the specialist facilities we have here at Bulfin Stairs metal workshop and metal finishing process (powder coating)
Another advantage of ‘hot work’ is that strong banisters can be formed without the use of heavy machinery and using very little force this makes it possible to follow the exact pitch of any curved stairs, wood, concrete or metal and has made our banisters popular with Joinery’s specialising in curved stairs.

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Contemporary Stairs

People often associate metal staircases with very classic design. But in fact metal stairs design also lends itself very well to the sleekest and most elegant of contemporary design. And, at Bulfin Stairs I am proud to offer simple elegant contemporary folded metal stairs and metal stairs that look beautiful today and many generations into the future.

As I am experienced in creating contemporary designs, I have the know-how and skills necessary to bring your contemporary design to life, to make it work with your modern house. Or, if you do not have the design in mind, I can easily work with you to come up with the perfect design for your house and your taste.

Many architects, designers, engineers and joiners immediately think of Bulfin Stairs when they are asked about contemporary staircases.
They know they can depend on me to come up with the perfect solution taking into account the engineering needs, the house’s needs and the cost.

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Can you come and look at my stairs on location?
Yes, we can visit your site. Please book a Stairs Short Consultation to find out about our process OR book Stairs Design Day first.
Do you produce glass stairs?
We don’t have glass stairs in our offer anymore, but we are happy to guide you through the process during the Stairs Short Consultation and supply you with details with information relevant to the project after it.
Can you replace my current stairs with metal Stairs?
Yes, we are happy to do it for you. Please book a Stairs Short Consultation to find out what are your options, what kind of work is involved and what is the potential cost.
Are you making regular wooden stairs as well?
No, but we are happy to point you to the conventional stairs builders, workshops that may assist you with your project.
Can you make metal railings for my curved stairs?
Yes, this is one of our top specialities. Please book a Stairs Short Consultation to find out about our process OR book Stairs Design Day first.